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by James Krauss


I have had a fascination with the Internet since it first became available to the general public. With the development of the World Wide Web, the growth of web sites has been growing in leaps and bounds. The Internet has become the place to find information on anything. In fact it has come to the point, where if you wish to attract people, to your business or organization, you need a presence on the Internet.

There are many businesses out there that will sell you a pre-packaged web site. These are good if you just want to have your name and basic information on the Internet. However, these sites tend to be impersonal with no real feeling of the true nature of your business or organization is. My philosophy in web design is that the web site should reflect the personality of the business or organization. Also, while the site should be professional it should also be light and cause the viewer to feel good and want to patronize your business or join your organization. The web site should also give the information that the target audience wants at the level that they need it. Not too basic or to advanced. For a list of some questions that I have put together, that someone wanting a web site should ask themselves click here.

I have been teaching web design in the public school system for many years (I hold teaching certificates in four subject area beside Technology Education). I have also designed and been a webmaster for many sites through the years. Because of this I have studied the Internet and have come to the point where I can help people with:

  • Designing and maintaining a web site.
  • Consulting and suggesting various aspects for a web site
  • Teaching web design, both basic and advanced.

Thank you for your interest in building a website for your organization. I am always willing to discuss any questions or concerns you many have, at your earliest convenience.

Up-dated December 13, 2010
James Krauss designer and Webmaster