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Mr. James Krauss

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Mr. Krauss is a retired teacher who taught at Woodbury High School from September 1987 until June of 2011. He holds a BA degree as Teacher of the Handicapped, with extended studies and certification in: Speech Correction,Vocation Education, and Industrial Arts and Technology Education. He also holds a Master of Arts Degree in Education - Distance Education from the University of Phoenix. With a strong industrial background, Mr. Krauss has always fashioned his teaching to have an emphasis on Technology Education and preparing the student for the working world.

Before retiring From Woodbury City Public Schools in June of 2011, Mr. Krauss taught Multi-Media and Web Design I, a High School course using Adobe Director and Adobe Dreamweaver, Multi-Media and Web Design II, an advanced high school course focusing on the development of web pages using CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and other advanced web authoring tools along with making web pages accessible to the handicapped, and let us not forget Multimedia and Web Design III which was an Option II/Independent Study course. There was also E-Pub Tech (Electronic Publishing Technology. This class was designed to teach the students how to be on-line journalist and the publications from this class can be found at /a>. Other years he has taught Video Technology/Broadcast Technology, a high school course that creates Video and Audio programs for broadcast throughout the school. In the past Mr. Krauss has also taught Basic Tech/Problem Based Learning, which is an introductory course to technology for the high school student. Along with his teaching responsibilities he was also AV Coordinator, and advisor of the Videotape/AV Club. Mr. Krauss was Coordinator of the High School Auditorium light and sound, and Web Master of The Woodbury City Public Schools web site ( ).

In the past, Mr. Krauss has also held the positions of Assistant Band Director, and Co-Chair of the Technology/Business Department of Woodbury High School. He is also a jazz musician playing up-right bass and trombone along with other brass instruments. He, along with the retired High School band director, Dr. Joseph DiMenna, and guest drummers, make up the Faculty Jazz Trio. He can also be seen performing in various venues such as Woodfest with retired Woodbury High School Choir Director Mrs. Terry Savage and playing in the pit orchestras of various local Musicals. As well as performing at Kemble Memorial United Methodist Church as part of the Music program.

Along with his involvement in music Mr. Krauss is also an active member of Kemble Memorial United Methodist Church and serves as member of the music ministry/choir and web master.

In his spare time James enjoys woodworking, creating Web Sites (see the King Street's Web Design, writing music, writing poetry, or writing short articles. James also has two blogs that can be found on Facebook, KraussCancerJourney - A discussion of James's Fight with Cancer and Random Thoughts of James Krauss - Various articles that James has written on many different subjects. . James has been married to his wonderful wife Paula since 1989 and resides in Woodbury, NJ where their house is filled with many forms of art, music and gardens. Both Paula and James are very proud of their vegetable gardens and during the warm months do a lot of grilling.

Educational Philosophy:

It has been asked what is the Educational Philosophy of James Krauss? It is his belief that any educational method that has the student repeating back facts is doing a disservice to the student.  Education should teach the student how to learn.  To that end it is felt that Problem Based Learning is the preferable method of teaching.   Problem Based Learning presents the student with real everyday problems and specifications for the final product.  The student then learns and hones his or her research skills, problem solving skills, decision-making skills, modeling skills and evaluation skills.   These are all skills needed in the working and academic worlds along with everyday life in order to experience success.  

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