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Other Shadows

Another show and more shadows have been added to the stage of the old school. More students have endeavored to do their best on that stage. More parents have cheered their children thinking that they are the best on the stage. More friends have encouraged their classmates as they poured out their souls on the stage. And more teachers stood back watching these aspiring thespians make it all look so easy, never giving a hint of all the work that has gone into these performances. The teachers know that work all too well because they were the ones that encouraged, pushed, trained, helped and held the hand of these young actors, singers, musicians and dancers all through the rehearsals. The teachers were the ones there through all the shyness, frustrations, pains and strains. The teachers were the ones who taught these performers the discipline needed for the stage. The teachers were the ones who sat there holding the performer as he or she cried out of frustration after blowing their lines, song, step, or notes. It was the teachers who worked with the stage crew, showing them how to create the magical sets, beautiful costumes, do the transforming make-up and hair. Then it was the teachers who showed them how to get the sets and actors on stage quickly and quietly. It was the teachers who showed the technical students how to set-up and run the lights, how to amplify the voices and to create a atmosphere that transports the audience to the desired time and place.

It was the teachers that after a full day of teaching, spends the late afternoon, early evening and weekends with the cast and crew. It is the teachers who then drag themselves home to prepare for the next day. It is the teacher that does not always get enough rest before the next day. Do you hear the teacher complain? Yes! But, that is alright, because it is the teacher who is back doing it the next day without fail.

It is the teachers who go through this day after day. These teachers are the other shadows in the Auditorium. No they are not part of the shadows on the stage. That is reserved for the student actors, singers, musicians and dancers. The Performers! The shadows of the teachers are in the rear of the auditorium. There, behind everybody. If you are still and quiet and look hard enough, you can see them standing there. Their arms folded with smiles on their faces. Some of them have their heads bobbing along to some long silenced music that if you bob your head along with the shadow just might be able to hear. Or, there are others that are mouthing long forgotten lines that you just might hear the faint echo of. But, all of them have their chests bursting with pride as they watch their students perform.

Look! Do you see them?


Well, that‘s okay because most people don’t. The teacher does not do this so that he or she can be seen. The teacher does it so that the student can be seen. The students are the shadows that the teacher wants you to see. So some time when you are watching the shadows on the stage, turn around, and if you are lucky you will see the shadows of pride in the rear of the auditorium!

James Krauss
April 4, 2011


Up-dated April 5, 2011
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