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In Memory of

Katie Bird

We are grieving over the death of our Lorikeet, Katie, this past Saturday, January 8, 2011. She did not die alone she died with me holding her in my hands and my wife, Paula, talking to her and stroking her. Before she passed she looked up at us gave my finger a final squeeze and laid her head down on my fingers, closed her eyes and breathed her last breath.

Now I know that there are some people who do not understand our grief over her loss. “After all, she was just a bird!” Katie was more than that. She was a Green Napped Rainbow Lorikeet. She had almost all the colors of the rainbow, and when you saw her for the first time you were taken back with her beauty. She was also very smart. When she wanted something she would figure out a way to get to it and if it was something new she would test it out to find out what it was. She had a small vocabulary but she knew how to respond and when to say things. When she first saw you her response would be to say “Hello, how are you?” When I would come home from work every day she would be waiting for me by the door and greet me with “hello Baby!” Paula would say that she would go to those two front windows about two minutes before I pulled up in front of the house. She also would share our meals. At this point in time I am really having a problem eating a meal without that feathered head between me and my plate. She would also go over to check what Paula would have and see if she liked that. She was a very clean bird. There was no one who enjoyed their baths more than Katie. At least a few times per week she would be with me as I washed the dinner dishes. She would wait until I was finished and then ask for a bath in her own way (“We goin’ eat?”). I will start the water into the kitchen sink and as I got things ready for the morning she would flap her wings in the water, running around, dunking her head under the water, and play with the wash cloth. Of course, everything in that area would be wet but that was okay. She would then shake herself off a few times get back on my shoulder as we would go in to watch TV together. During this time she would lovingly preen the hairs on my arms, or my eyebrows or my mustache. After she was done with that, she would then preen herself.

No matter what, Katie loved Paula and me. She always wanted to be with us, sometimes giving us help that we did not really need but she thought she was helping us. If one or both of us were not feeling well she would stay with us and cuddle with us. If she saw that we were in thought about stressful things she would come over and push her head under our fingers in order to have us scratch her neck and head. She knew that it would help to ease some of the stress. Or if we happen to be asleep she would stand over us to protect us. I have seen her go after someone who was a hundred time bigger then her when she thought we were in danger. But, as brave as she was, if she did not feel secure she would cry out “Baby!” or “Mommy!”

As much as Katie loved us we loved her. When we would go on vacation each year it always hurt to go and leave her home. But when we got home she would not let go of us nor would we want to let go of her. Yes, we would get up-set with her at times but that was short lived and we would be back loving each other in a minute or two. Katie was part of the family. And she invaded our thoughts throughout the day. Now that she is gone I miss her with all my heart. Today as I left for work I said good-by to Paula and to Jazzy our Lovebird, and said that I will see them tonight and then it hit me hard that I will not be seeing my Katie again. The pain overwhelmed me at that point. Paula has said that even knowing all the pain we are feeling now she would still take Katie into our hearts and family again. I agree because our lives have been enriched so much more by her love.

I will always miss you so much Katie but you will always be in my heart!

Our Pets! Giving us all of their unconditional love and only asking for a little in return!

James Krauss
January 10, 2011


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